About Us

1. Getting to know VRV—VRV Difference

Is VRV a restaurant? No.
Is VRV a food platform? No.
Is VRV a food delivery company? Certainly Not.
What is VRV?
The answer is in your eyes, stomach and your heart.
First, to make sure all food ingredients are cooked, packed and delivered to your table safely, we created an Ecological service system. This system includes a fully closed circle--production, packaging and delivery.
Second, an order to reduce waste in labor and resources from traditional restaurant dining , we are committed to developing fast, healthy and nutritious production methods and formulas. VRV’s mission is to create social change in dining habits.
Traditional cooking VRV
Time Spent 2-4 hours Within 10 minutes, VRV can present international cuisine
Process Grocery Shopping, food preparation, cooking, place on the plate, cleaning place order, receive order, easy heat-up process, place on the plate, recyclable packaging
Ingredients A lot of waste Just the right amount
nutrition Non-professional, personal preference Professional nutritionists ensure balanced nutrition and meet the needs of different people.
Taste Single, repetitive International cuisine, Michelin restaurant level taste,menu is updated frequently
Lay out Ordinary lunch box Elegant, refined that looks and tastes great

2. Our contributions to the world

(1) Food resources: VRV makes contribution in reducing food waste to the society.
According to a research, 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted every year worldwide, which consists one-third of global food production. A research states that food waste of the United States in 2020 is up to 50%. Meanwhile, nearly one billion people in the world are still hungry. VRV is committed to solving the contradiction between global food waste and hunger crisis through high-precision technology and personalized service. Reducing waste is another way to reflect our gratitude for the precious resources that mother nature has given us.
(2) Environment: the environment nurtures everything on earth, VRV encourages the society to treat natural environment kindly.
The damage to the environment caused by millions and millions of tons of food over-packaged garbage generated by various countries every year is immeasurable.
(3) People: VRV is committed to customer centered service with precision and personalization to achieve the ultimate customer experience.
When people from around the world find the taste of their culture from VRV, they it feels like home;when a full-time mother gets food ready for her children for a week from VRV, she feels free; when nutritionists use a meal plan designed with VRV meals to improve the health of their patients, they feel success; when fitness enthusiasts maintain perfect body shape because of VRV meal, they feel confident; when you, me and more people develop a new eating habit because of VRV, we feel the innovation.


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